We have TAPES! Back from a brief hiatus of Cant-Be-Fuckedness we are back in the CASSETTE business once more! With TWO brand new albums coming out over the next couple of months from DOUBLE YA D and THE DOBERMEN. Also the man we are very proud of introducing to the world MR DELANEY DAVISDON releases his brand new album LUCKY MAN in Christchurch this September and BOSS CHRIST & BAD EVIL pack their bags to take on the dusty back roads of Australia this October!


The Man-Witch presents his first full-length Album! And it’s an electric spell-binding RIPPER! 12 super strange yet weirdly catchy smash hits all epicly hand crafted over intense witching hour studio sessions. See the video for COPY & PASTE here on the home page. Also rumours of limited edition Double Ya D action figures possibly not hitting store shelves as well! His only album now exclusively available on Stink Magnetic tape electric purple cassette with free downloade code. Out on Sept.25 at SPACE MONSTER in Whanganui!


Debut album from the motorcycle gang/heavy surf riffin combo headed by sonic super genius Brandan Sayring. Instrumental garage grinders that start at 200kph and dont let up! Relentless surf highway savagery surrounded by beer and bike revs in a pit of sweat & blood. Featuring the worlds only TAMBOURACA player and always more than one drummer. DONT BUY THIS. IT’S WAY TOO TOUGH FOR YOU.